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英国广播公司, 包括BBC, have said that delivering TV over the air is no longer economically viable and envisage an increased reliance on broadband networks for video streaming in the future. In a comprehensive report submitted to the UK government regarding the future of TV 分布, regulator Ofcom found widespread support across the sector for TV services continuing to be available to all but no shared view about 如何 to achieve this. Adrian Pennington lists the three broad strategies Ofcom outlined instead and the challenges for achieving them.

SMNYC预览:CTV vs. 移动——与YumCrunch、Sling、Vevo、Telly和Totem的价值争论在哪里

周一, 5月20日, 在纽约流媒体, Mike Duffy of YumCrunch will be moderating a debate about the current value of CTV vs. 移动. 确认小组成员是Sling Freestream的Kent Rees, Vevo的Hedvig Arnet, 泰勒的达拉斯·劳伦斯, and Steve Crombie of Totem will discuss 如何 to recognize generational and cultural differences in who, 如何, and where viewers consume their content and in 如何 user experiences and monetization strategies are crafted for each platform, along with finding the value proposition for each in the current landscape and where the key content categories of premium, 利基市场, 还有社会因素.

访谈:知识产权律师Robert J.L. 摩尔讨论视频编解码器知识产权和专利货币化问题

在这次内容广泛的采访中, 流媒体's Jan Ozer and intellectual property attorney Robert Moore of Moore IP solutions delve into a number of topics related to video codec intellectual property issues and patent monetization, 两个不断移动的目标.

SMNYC预览:什么是Premium现在与2E6E6辩论, 票房网络, 图腾全球, 团队吹口哨, 和量子介质

周一, 5月20日, 在纽约流媒体, Erica Gruen of Quantum Media Associates will be moderating a panel discussing the creation, 许可, 分布, and monetization of premium content—as well as the ROI of investing in it through one means or another, 以及来自2E6E6的内森·库塔的见解, 票房网络的Stan Ruszkowski, 图腾全球公司的史蒂夫·克龙比, 还有团队吹口哨的Joe Caporoso.


To really make an impact, we have to put sustainability within a context we can understand. 是很困难的, 无论是个人还是企业, sometimes to grasp the very huge concept of climate change and then commit to "sustainability efforts" as a way to have an impact. 但是当有上下文的时候, sustainability efforts can be achieved without actually trying to focus on them in particular. 在流媒体行业,这种背景就是权力.

Vevo at the IAB NewFronts: Short-Form Optimization for FAST, CTV, OTT, and Programmatic

周四, 5月2日, Vevo, 世界领先的音乐视频网络, 在2024 IAB NewFronts上展示了“观看更多音乐”. 所涉及的主题包括实现覆盖面的挑战, 近因, 相关性, 以及当前流媒体生态系统中的测量, 品牌安全和透明度在FAST中的重要性, Vevo在CTV领域的持续扩张, 以及成为全球最大的程序化交易电视网络的雄心.

富博在2024年IAB NewFronts期间推出了一套新的CTV广告产品



促进对AI编解码器发展的认识, Deep Render的CTO和联合创始人, Arsalan征服者, has launched an educational resource titled "Foundations of AI-Based Codec Development: An Introductory Course.在最近接受《百家乐app下载》采访时, Zafar提供了对课程内容的见解, 目标受众, 以及预期结果.

Q&A: AI在广告与伦勃朗的科里·特雷菲莱蒂

科里Treffiletti, 伦勃朗的首席营销官, discusses the company's innovative use of programmatic generative AI for virtual product placements, along with 如何 speedily AI is developing within the advertising industry and the ways it is upending the traditional media buying process.


Tubi Becomes First Partner to Launch DAZN Women's Football FAST Channel in North America

在NAB 2024年:视频, Telestream, 凤凰, Ateme, V-Nova, 12个实验室, 挪威人的, 杜比, 和NETINT

Any NAB report is like the story of the blind man and the elephant: what you experience is what you touch, 代表整体的一小部分,甚至可能不是一个好的样本. 话虽如此,这是我在节目中触摸到的东西. 其中许多经历都伴随着我拍摄的采访视频.

SMNYC Sneak Preview: Keynote: Microsoft and Fremantle Beat the BUZZR with Gamified FAST

周二, 5月21日, 微软首席技术官安迪·比奇和弗里曼特尔高级副总裁, Global FAST Channels Laura Florence will present 纽约流媒体's opening keynote. 他们将讨论新的Beat the BUZZR平台, 它是如何将FAST游戏化并资本化电视的, 促成这一切的合作, 以及引擎盖下的人工智能.

NAB 2024:颠覆性流媒体行业的顶级新技术

Exciting new and (mostly) AI-driven tools and services from NAB 2024 that very specific problems, from shooting great iPhone footage to automatically creating short clips to providing live low-latency translation and captioning to creating customized radio programming to building purpose-driven social communities.

流媒体预览:计算而冷却与Netflix, Adeia, 流媒体绿色化, 以及帮助我流媒体研究基金会

周三, 5月22日在纽约流媒体, Dom罗宾逊, 创始人, 流媒体的绿化和导演id3as/挪威人的, will moderate an all-star panel of leading streaming technology providers and innovators to discuss 如何 to make media's tech stack more cost and energy efficient and implement sound and sustainable best practices throughout the media supply chain, Sujana Sooreddy的见解, Netflix的高级首席软件工程师, Serhad发布, Adeia的首席技术官, 还有蒂姆·弗瑞-西格林, 帮助我流媒体研究基金会的创始执行董事.

NAB 2024:评估娱乐领域的AI革命

The signal-to-noise ratio in today's relentless AI buzz is far from optimal—particularly at NAB 2024, where the Everything AI vibe was off the chart from the moment the s如何 began—but one session that cut through the noise and swapped hype for refreshing insight and candor was titled The AI Revolution in Entertainment: One Year On…


在人工智能出现之前,许多被贴上“人工智能驱动”标签的产品都在做同样的事情. But labeling their familiar features as "powered-by-AI" makes the same tech seem fresh and innovative.

Bitmovin Live Encoder-Akamai Connected Cloud Integration Promises Lower Egress Costs and OpEx Reductions up to 90%

3月27日, Bitmovin announced the availability of its Live Encoder running on Akamai Connected Cloud, promising increased efficiencies for large-scale streams and substantial reductions in data transfer out (DTO) costs that may translate to as much as 90 percent lowered operation costs overall. 


紧随Netflix和Max的脚步, Disney+ is the latest streamer to crackdown on account sharing to boost subscriber growth and keep the business viable.

流媒体 Sneak Preview: Strategic Trends in CTV Advertising and Monetization With Vevo, 伏波, 光谱, 和DIRECTV

周二, 5月21日在纽约流媒体, 流媒体's Nadine Krefetz will moderate an all-star panel focused on key developments in ad and monetization strategy coming to CTV in 2024 and beyond, Vevo研究高级副总裁的见解 & 市场营销Julie Triolo, 光谱 Reach全球销售副总裁Dan Callahan, 富博广告销售副总裁Jennifer Monson, 以及DIRECTV广告销售合作主管马修·贾米森.

流媒体纽约预览:订阅处方与Philo, 得了, Lightswitch, 和Hub娱乐研究

5月21日,周二,在纽约流媒体,Lightswitch的联合创始人 & CEO of Monica Villar will moderate an all-star panel exploring the ever-shifting landscape of subscription streaming television. Confirmed panelists include Philo Head of Business Development and Partnerships Adam Salmons, 得了营销副总裁Giles Tongue, 以及Hub Entertainment高级顾问Mark Loughney.